Lio — 8 years of experience, a team of professionals in the field of Internet marketing, business processes, public relations and advertising customization.

What you get from us to sell your product/service on the Internet

  • Analysis of the current situation and Online opportunities;
  • Planning and implementation of online projects;
  • The most relevant sales channels – websites, YouTube, landing page, Instagram, Facebook, VK and other social networking services, chat bots;
  • SEO;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Google Ads;
  • Automated sales funnel — get 2-3 times more customers for the same money spent on advertising;


You need us when: you have a product or service and you want to present it online properly. We will start by talking to you to learn about your needs in order to most effectively convey your proposal to the selected target audience. We help to increase profits to the companies with an advertising budget starting from €1000 per month..

Stage-1. Drawing up a technical requirement specification:

  1. We interview you and fill in the brief.
  2. We analyze the source data: competitors, search queries, metric data.
  3. We recommend the online sales channels that are best for your target audience.

Stage-2. Development and approval of a sales strategy for your product/service on the Internet, a concept for a future site or an advertising campaign. Coordination and approval of technical specifications, agreement on cooperation.

Stage-3. Implementation of technical specifications. Launching a project and tracking results, analytics and progress report in a period previously agreed. Analysis of the results.

* Advertising campaigns always start with a test run. For details, contact our managers.

Lio Digital Marketing Agency